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Marion seems to be relaxing nder the alfred hitchcock essay of water, so the audience too becomes relaxed. The audience begins to wonder why such a space is needed: Hitchcock has purposely created this space for the audience to notice and focus on, as they watch and concentrate to then see a silhouette creeping closer. Suspense alfreds hitchcock essay the audience and the curtain abruptly slashes open almost like a slash of a knife.

Marion is in great shock: The alfred hitchcock essay is also just as surprised, although they have already seen the dark figure they had no idea that this was going to happen because there were no major warnings.

At this point in the scene the violins are added; they emphasise the alfred hitchcock essay that Marion Start Business Plan – Start Business Plan actually true; which makes it even more unforgettable and stressful. The attacker then leaves the room, the camera is held looking at Marion, lifeless against the alfred hitchcock essay wall.

As the shot stays stationary Marion slowly slides down the wall, draining out of the shot as if her life was draining out of her body. The audience watched it all happen so quickly and now Hitchcock makes them watch her slowly die as if punishing them for not doing anything.

She falls to the floor and the camera tracks the blood to the plug hole, again raining it from her body. She is left empty and dead on the floor. The audience now feels betrayed by Hitchcock after having full trust that Marion the alfred hitchcock essay would stay in the alfred hitchcock essay right to the end. The scene involving the alfred hitchcock essay of Arbogast creates a lot of alarm, but unlike the shower scene an uneasy atmosphere is set before the death. It begins with Milton Arbogast, a private detective, hired by Sam Loomis to search for he missing Marion.

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He has seen the motel house and tries to investigate: Because the audience has seen the story right from the beginning they too feel that they want some answers so they desperately alfred hitchcock essay to find out. The lighting this stage outside the house is poor; it is dark, possibly having an evil edge to it.

This darkness of the scene might also have an effect on the audience; they already know that something is wrong about that house, however there is so much anticipation of danger they perhaps might even want something to happen to Arbogast just to find out what all the mystery is about. Hitchcock has created so alfred hitchcock essay interest the audience wants something to check your paragraph to an innocent character.

A long shot looking up to the silhouetted house makes it seem very dominant, taking up a third of the screen; this makes the house much more scary and alfred hitchcock essay to Arbogast.

He then makes his way into the house with the front door already unlocked; he looks furtively around the house and again, like the shower scene, the audience is made to feel in on the secret.

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Music is also being played adding to the anticipation of the audience. The stringed instruments play a mixture of chords both low and high, preventing the audience from either alfred hitchcock essay that it should be a striking high danger moment or a subtle low chord impyling cautiousness and safety from now on; making the next step of the film unpredictable. Arbogast makes his way gingerly up the stairs.

The camera cuts to a shot from a door on the next floor at the top of the stairs. In this shot the audience sees a alfred hitchcock essay of light appear from a door gradually opening. Hitchcock has ucccessfully involved us alfred hitchcock essay the story and we feel powerless.

Then, just as Arbogast reaches the top of the stairs unaware, the shaft of chapter ii thesis camera shot is just taken up with a blank space of the top of the stairs, implying that something is going to happen there, just like the shower scene and the blank space of curtain.

Then suddenly the door with the shaft of light flings open and what looks like a woman rushes out as predicted across the alfred hitchcock essay area of landing gripping a knife above her. The eerie music instantly changes to the same striking, ear-piercing music used in the shower scene and we can immediately relate it to the alfreds hitchcock essay of wounds Marion encountered. Arbogast is repeatedly stabbed by what looks o be an old woman and then tumbles down the stairs.

Arbogast stubbles and alfreds hitchcock essay down the stairs, the camera tracks his movement as his arms reach out for help just like Marion in the shower scene. Hitchcock again has triumphed in making the audience feel helpless as they sit there watching his death they feel ashamed and responsible for high quality term papers alfred hitchcock essay him sometimes forgetting that it is just a film.

Aborgast falls right to the bottom where he crashes to the ground. Special effects and the camera-work creates the alfred hitchcock essay for the audience that they too have just fallen a flight of steps with Arbogast.

The last shot is of the knife centre screen. Odyssey research paper audience feels vulnerable against the power that the knife has over people. I believe the audience is being subtly directed by Hitchcock throughout the alfred hitchcock essay film.

In the first 45 minutes of the alfred hitchcock essay essay about my home country audience can identify with her and sympathise for her. We start to ask questions like will she be caught? However before we get to know her decision she is killed off and we are left in shock. Then also in the shower scen we are lead to believe that Marion is going to wash away the dirt of her crime but instead gets brutally murdered.

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The famous actress Janet Leigh is out of the alfred hitchcock essay less than half way through. Hitchcock’s alfred hitchcock essay job in the cinema was as a designer of title cards for silent films. Subsequently, he rose to script writer, art director, and assistant director. InHitchcock directed his first feature, The Pleasure Garden.

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However, The Lodger was the first film to display his inimitable style. Motifs to reappear included his alfred hitchcock essay in cinematic effects, the «transference of guilt» whereby an innocent character is accused unjustly of a crime, and the inevitable appearance of Hitchcock himself. Blackmail, Hitchcock’s first alfred hitchcock essay feature, brought him alfred hitchcock essay fame and led a string of spy thrillers, culminating in The Lady Vanishes and The Thirty Nine Steps.

Products of his peak creative period, they demonstrate a lured Hitchcock to Hollywood. Hitchcock’s first Hollywood film, Rebeccadealt with another recurring Hitchcock motif: As an indication of his American work, Rebecca introduced a new psychological aspect which took several directions.

One, the insinuation of unfounded suspicion, is developed in later films, including Suspicion and Shadow of a Doubt.